watercolor project – 001

001 - watercolor on paper - march, 2017
001 – watercolor on paper – march, 2017

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words.
– Rumi

I know the 100 Day Project is going on now, but I’m not officially joining in. But I’m still inspired by all the creativity and momentum, so I thought this year what I would do would be to make a concerted effort to post more of my art on a regular basis, both on here and Instagram.

Like I said in another post, I create almost every day, but RARELY post any of it. For some reason writing and art journaling isn’t as big of a deal as sharing the work I do with paint, even if it’s just playing around (like the one above). So maybe now that everyone is else is posting away, it won’t seem quite as scary. Maybe if I start doing it often enough, it will become a habit.

One of the most amazing beautiful things about not being a “professional” artist is that I have no designated styles or deadlines, so I can mess around with whatever. For a long time I agonized over “my style” and how to find it and define it and make my mark, etc. blah blah blah, but now I’m more focused on turning on some music (lately it’s been Polica, Liz Phair, Tegan & Sara, and Sigur Ros), getting out my paints, and seeing what happens.

I think what I really want to do is post some art with a quote or some lyrics or something. We’ll see.


The story behind the watercolor above:
I have a huge stash of Strathmore watercolor postcards I purchased several years ago for a project and didn’t use all of them, and I often want to play with watercolor but feel really weird about “wasting” good watercolor paper (which I know, is ridiculous…) so I sort of realized “the cards have already been paid for, and they are sitting there- use them!”

So I have a stack of them by my desk, and pull one out whenever I want to paint a little wash or mix some colors or try out new paints, etc. And whenever I don’t have much time to create, or much energy, I just pull one out with my watercolors and smush some color around and call it a day.

This was the first one that I did a few weeks ago- just trying out some new colors from the Daniel Smith 2017 colors release.

[NOTE: Sometimes people ask me for details about the art I make and the truth is I just don’t have the “right” answers to those questions. Half the time I post art weeks or months after I finish it, when it’s not so precious and “fresh” to me, so I honestly don’t remember anything about the process besides the basics. I’m sorry about that.
There is this thing in the art world where it’s frowned on if you don’t openly share your techniques or specific supplies. But since I’m not a teacher or professional or an instructor, I literally grab my supplies and see what happens. The magic for me is the freedom of being able to try anything and everything and not knowing what might happen. That little “what if?” is where my desire to create stems from, and I want to embrace it. So I’m not being cagey, I just don’t really remember the specifics. I pick up my brush and my paint and put it on paper or canvas and see what happens. And then when I’m done making a mess, I put it all away and come back again tomorrow and try again.]