Thursday 4th February 2010

by chel

I’ve been working on new beads, trying to combine my love of watercolor painting with working with polymer clay. I really *don’t* like the colors polymer clay comes in, so I’ve just started making white beads and painting them my own colors. More time consuming, but definitely more “me”.

watercolor beads

watercolor beads
More watercolor beads… (polymer clay cores, surfaces dyed/painted/inked). This I put silver eyelets in so they could fit Pandora/Troll/Biagi style jewelry.

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  1. Valinda McQueen says:

    I absolutely love the color etc. of these beads and have been trying to accomplish a similar effect though not interested in copying anyone. Just so lovely to see—–very nice!

  2. Sorry, just to be clear I am looking for the flatter “troll” shaped bead roller.

  3. These are gorgeous! Love, love love the colors. I have one question and thougth you might be able to direct me. I am looking for a bead roller that I can use to make this shape. Right now I do it by hand but I am looking for a tool that I can use to get consistently shaped beads and it looks as though you have solved this problem with these gorgeous beads. Can you direct me?

  4. donna says:

    These are so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  5. Breath says:

    Hey! This is gorgeous! So how do you apply watercolors in polymer clay? Before or after baked? Then you will need something to protect the color… ask me please i want to try this.

  6. […] Water Colour Beads from – oh my how gorgeous are these!?!?! […]

  7. I agree with melanie, they are beautiful! I’m not sure if you use this or not, but a finish I like to use on my painted and dyed beads is called Preserve Your Memories II. You can spray it on and it is compatible with the inks, paints and the polymer clay.

  8. melanie says:

    they’re beautiful!

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