the 100 day project – week one

Here’s my first week of “The 100 Day Project”. The “100 Day Project” ┬áis basically a 100 day commitment to doing something every day, whether it’s try a new recipe, make a little piece of art (that’s what I am doing), write a little bit, take a photo, etc. Then you share a snap of the day’s progress on Instagram, with the tag “#the100dayproject”.

My project is about making small pieces of art (small enough to fit in an 8″x8″ Kona sketchbook) out of water-based media.

Overall, this first week was pretty amazing. I’m now working with watercolor (and other water-based media: this week it was my tube and pan watercolors, Finetec metallic watercolors, and Gelato watercolor crayons) every day and am feeling so much more comfortable pulling them out and getting them down on paper. For months I have been trying to find a reason and the courage to use them, and now it’s not a big deal at all. For that alone, this project is TOTALLY worthwhile.

The only issue is this: after creating two-three pieces of art the first three days, I now feel like I have to create at least three ATC sized pieces of art per day so that the journal page doesn’t look so barren.

On top of that, I’m spending a lot of time obsessing over every piece. That’s okay for the first week, but it did come at the expense of my painting, and doing a lot of other stuff in my art studio that I have worked hard to create time in my routine for.

So this coming week, I need to give myself permission to make just *one* piece of art per day, if that’s all the time I have. It seems to make the page barren, and doesn’t look as pretty in photographs (*sigh* yes, I care about that- I will admit it) BUT it’s important if I’m going to keep working on this project for the next 93 days.

Anyway, here’s my first week (copied from my Instagram feed, where I post a photo or two of the previous day’s project every morning, hence the hashtags…):

the 100 day project - day 1
the 100 day project – day 1

first day of #the100dayproject – playing with watercolor on some ATC cards with gold acrylic. I didn’t plan it, but I can definitely see the influence of Elspeth McLean’s stones as I look at them now. #100ofChel


the 100 day project - day 2
the 100 day project – day 2

second day of #the100dayproject – I decided to try out some Finetec metallic watercolors I had in my stash. I purchased a set of six a few months ago but never got around to using them. Just layered them on some watercolor ATC cards to see how they worked. (I LOVE THEM) #100ofchel


the 100 day project - day 3
the 100 day project – day 3

third day of #the100dayproject – a happy accident. Spent yesterday afternoon experimenting with using solvent/pigment inkpads as resist with watercolors, which totally did not work. I ended up with five ATC size paintings I really didn’t like, so I cut them up and made them into a collage I actually *do* like. Collage=addictive. #100ofchel


the 100 day project - day 4
the 100 day project – day 4

fourth day of #the100dayproject – After Wednesday’s bout with perfectionism, I decided that I need to force myself to keep it simple, and I did it by limiting the time I work on the project. So I only gave myself 30 minutes – total- to work on the project yesterday, which meant I didn’t have time to screw around and agonize over everything I was doing. I just needed to get my paints out and go for it. I wound up returning to my favorite motif- circles- and experimenting with watercolors, translucency, and layering. I made three tiny paintings on ATC cards. Very relaxing and definitely want to do more of these. #100ofchel


the 100 day project - day 5
the 100 day project – day 5

fifth day of #the100dayproject – I made a bunch of color swatches with Faber Castell Gelatos on watercolor paper (just rubbed the Gelato on paper and went over it with a water brush and moved it around) and wound up cutting them up into triangles and making a mosaic out of them. #100ofchel


the 100 day project - day 6
the 100 day project – day 6

sixth day of #the100dayproject – watercolor circles on ATC cards, with dots made from white acrylic paint … they remind me of sea urchins. #100ofchel


the 100 day project - day 6
the 100 day project – day 7

seventh day of #the100dayproject – The reflection of diffuse morning light on the surface of water. Painted with Gelatos on Strathmore watercolor paper (applied with a brush- so much more delicate and subtle than when directly applied to paper…) . #100ofchel

Thank you SO much for taking a look!

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