spring art journal – complete!

journal pages - spring 2012

(I think I posted the “The Garden in Spring” page before, but here’s the other side- it’s part of a package of washi tape I received from Washimatta. I finally nabbed a roll of the garden tape, which I have been coveting forever!)

I realized today that I haven’t been doing much creative work these past few weeks. I checked my day planner to see exactly *what* it was I have been doing. And I realized I spent most of my time gardening this past month.

I’m not sure *how* I feel about that, to be honest. My daily routine goes like this: wake up, domestic stuff (dishwasher, laundry, make bed, pet stuff, etc.), have a cup of tea, do some bookwork/writing, then go outside to garden/swim, shower, lunch, creative work, family stuff & more domestic stuff, dinner, read a little (if there’s time) sleep.

Lately I have been finding myself getting out of the pool later and later in the afternoons (cranky and sore and dehydrated and exhausted) taking a shower, and then collapsing on the sofa for a while to regroup, cool down, and eat lunch. When I finally get the energy to do something, it’s almost dinner time. I realized today it’s not because I’m pushing my swims off or spending more time in the pool, it’s because I’m gardening for hours and hours every day.

It’s just *so* easy to get involved in everything out there. There’s ALWAYS more to do, and I can’t bear to leave things for the next day so I do just a *little* more. Then all the sudden three hours have passed and the day is shot and I have to force myself to put down the trowel and the pruners and get my butt into the pool.

Anyway, my resolution for April is to not spend more than an hour out in the garden every day. Tom keeps reminding me that come summer, I’ll be whining about having nothing to do out there, and I know he’s right. But I don’t want gardening to go from something I really enjoy to something that makes me cranky and takes over all my time.

It’s sort of a struggle, really. In its own way, gardening is creative. It’s wonderful and challenging and soothing and very physical all at the same time. It’s a very *thorough* activity, if that makes any sense. So maybe I just need to let go and follow my bliss a little and be out there as long as I like.

But the thing is, I MISS painting and beading and journaling very much, and I get a little irritated at night when I realize I have no time for it. I’m also worried about getting too much sun, which is actually quite serious. No matter how much sunblock, hats, covering you wear, it still gets through. So… balance, right?

I thought I would share the few journal pages I *did* work on in the last two weeks…

this is what march looks like (front)


this is what march looks like (back)

A few pages about the middle of March. Everything looks jammed in, but it’s kind of what the month was like…

end of march (front)
end of march (back)

A page about another chunk of time in March plus a page to celebrate Delilah’s birthday.

With these pages, I’m actually finished with my “Spring 2012” art journal. So, for the last few days I have been constructing and binding a new journal, which I made a tiny bit bigger.

I’m also debating starting another journal simply for play/experimenting/painting since so much of my recent journals have become ad-hoc scrapbooks. But I kind of like having everything in one place, done in chronological order. This morning I took out all four completed art journals and went through them all and it was honestly *very* cool to see the mix of all sorts of stuff in the pages – photos, collage, journaling, ticket stubs, receipts, quotes…. It made me feel like I really have accomplished something in the last 18 or however many months I have been art journaling.

I don’t know… maybe I’ll start this new journal and see how it goes. I have another journal on hand that I can prepare if the urge strikes.

all done!

Thank you for looking- wish me luck battling my gardening addiction!

5 thoughts on “spring art journal – complete!

  1. BEAUTIFUL pages, Chel! I love your techniques and layers and squashing as much goodness on to a page as possible! Love the mix of pages and the scrapbook-y feel. Enjoy your garden time, just enjoy it for what it is now. Here spring is just beginning. And the best time of year here in the far North is Summer, so pretty soon I’m be saying how little time I have for other things since I’ll be outdoors. So I hear you… ;o) ((HUGS))

  2. lovely pages and it’s definitely great that you are looking for balance, even though gardening seems like a nice thing to spend your time on – with nature and all!

  3. I always enjoy looking at your journal pages. I wish I had the patience and the follow through to do something like that. My art journal has some painting around borders and just handwritten journaling going on. Nothing as exciting or detail oriented as yours. What a treasure! As for the gardening, follow your heart. It gives you pleasure so do it. When it becomes too much like a chore, ease up a bit. Are your swims something you can do but in less time/distance and still reap the benefits?

  4. Gardening is what happened to my March too. I was trying to figure out my time as well and I know that is what happened. I’m going to have to limit the hard stuff to once or twice a week instead of finding more and more things to do, which of course you know is easy to do.

    I need to do my March wrap up but I feel crappy about it and haven’t done it yet. Did you see my email about The Art Journaler?

  5. Love your pages! So so inspirational. I can’t wait to have time to even think about tackling that kind of project again.

    In the meantime, I would be the last person to talk you out of a gardening addiction. I love that you can lose yourself out there–that’s a treat, to be sure. I know how that can go, but usually I have to work myself up to that condition by making myself go out there (or it will go out of control). Then, once I’m out there, I can stay and stay and stay!

    Happy gardening! And art journaling!

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