Power Song Playlist

"Women Out Of Danger" by Brian Kershisnik
"Women Out Of Danger" by Brian Kershisnik
Power Stories
Power Stories

Certain songs carry you through. What songs make you feel powerful? If you were on a deserted island with the world’s biggest jerk constantly trying to break you down, what would you need playing in your ear? Make your Power Song Playlist now and fortify your mojo.

1. Oceanlab’s “On A Good Day”

Little bit lost and… a little bit lonely
Little bit cold here, a little bit feared.

But I hold on and I
Feel strong
And I know that I can.

Getting used to it – lit the fuse to it,
Like to know who I am.

Been talking to myself forever about how I wish I knew me better.
Still sitting on a shelf and never,
never seen the sun shine brighter
And it feels like me
On a good day

I’m a little bit hemmed in, a little bit isolated
A little bit hopeful, A little bit cold.

But I hold on,
and I feel strong
and I know that I can

And it feels like me
On a good day

2. Tori Amos – Take to the Sky

This house is like Russia with eyes cold and grey
You got me moving in a circle – I dyed my hair red today
I just want a little passion to hold me in the dark
I know I’ve got some magic buried deep in my heart

But my priest says, “you ain’t saving no souls”
My father says, “You ain’t making any money”
My doctor says, “You just took it to the limit”
And here I stand
With this sword in my hand

You can say it one more time – what you don’t like
Let me hear it one more time then
Have a seat while I take to the sky

My heart is like the ocean – it gets in the way
So close to touching freedom
Then I hear the guards call my name

Let me hear it one more time then
Have a seat while I take to the sky

3. Ani Difranco – Outta Me, Onto You

no no no no no no no no no no no no
no more

it’s gonna be sudden, it’s gonna be strange
i’m gonna turn on a dime, give you five cents change
it’s gonna be long overdue, it’s all gonna come out
outta me, on to you

one of these days you’re gonna push too hard
we’ll go on like we’ve always done ’til you go too far
yeah one of these days it’s gonna reach the top
then it’s gonna start to spill
and it’s not gonna stop

outta me, onto you…

some people wear their smile like a disguise
those people who smile a lot – watch the eyes
i know it ‘cuz i’m like that a lot
you think everything’s okay and it is
’til it’s not

some people wear their heart up on their sleeve
i wear mine underneath my right pant leg – strapped to my boot
don’t think cause i’m easy, i’m naive
don’t think i won’t pull it out – don’t think i won’t shoot

4. “Forca” by Nelly Furtado

It is the passion flowing right on through your veins
And it’s the feeling that you’re oh so glad you came
It is the moment you remember you’re alive
It is the air you breathe, the element, the fire
It is that flower that you took the time to smell
It is the power that you know you got as well
It is the fear inside that you can overcome
This is the orchestra, the rhythm and the drum.

5 thoughts on “Power Song Playlist

  1. I just got major goosebumps. I am a HUGE Tori fan (we even share the same birthday). I was actually listening to Take to the Sky on the way to my dentist appt. this morning.

  2. Hi! Thanks for your comment today! I use punchanella, which is sequin waste, for the circles. Sometimes I do use bubble wrap too!

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