“does the sun ask itself….”

So in the class I’m taking, we’re talking about happiness and kindness this week. Basically, the Buddhist belief is that the key to true happiness is kindness. Kindness is not indulgence, though. Kindness is compassion and wisdom and love and generosity. It’s figuring out what’s needed and providing that. It’s not “here, I’ll give you… Read More “does the sun ask itself….”

… just, no.

We watched The Lego Batman Movie last night. This part had me rolling on the floor- this is pretty much what goes on inside my head whenever I don’t want to do anything. Or when I have to do anything that involves a lot of interaction with people. Or when I have to sit in… Read More … just, no.

watercolor project – 001

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” – Rumi I know the 100 Day Project is going on now, but I’m not officially joining in. But I’m still inspired by all the creativity and momentum, so I thought this year what I would do would be to make a concerted effort to post more… Read More watercolor project – 001