New Beads – late June, 2009

New Beads - Summer 2009

New Beads - Summer 2009

I’ve finally found more time to get into my studio and start playing with clay again. I found myself wanting to paint and wanting to make new beads, so I decided to mix the two.

These beads are a work in progress- a mix of polymer clay, watercolors, alcohol ink, vinegar, baking soda, UV light (and sunshine!), different finishing agents, resist materials…. I’m trying to figure out how to get the color to stay and how to glaze the beads without ruining the patterns the inks/paints/natural ingredients made on the clay.

Anyway, here’s the first of my experiments.

6 thoughts on “New Beads – late June, 2009

  1. Have you tried sponging on liquid clay? I apply liquid clay, usually translucent Sculpey surface work with chalk pastels. This leaves option of going with the matte finish or sanding and buffing for shine.

  2. I found these surfing through Pinterest. And with all the eye-candy there, these beautiful beads stopped me dead. So beautiful! So many layers of color, they are gorgeous.
    Have you considered spray on PMYII? It is polymer clay friendly, and spray on. And seals to waterproof!

  3. These are so awesome! I hope you will share your technique. I have dipped beads in Decoupage sealer but you have to really baby sit them the first minute to make sure all drips are tapped off and then air dry them. They don’t take long to dry and then dip them a second and sometimes a third time with maybe 20-30 min. dry time between each dip. they come out looking like glass beads.

  4. Hi just love your beads, instead of using water colours have you tried acrylics exactly the same effect as water colours, it is water based so no smelly thinners….and the bonus being it is water proof. It dries extremely quickly so you have to work fast for blending, although you can use an acrylic extender which gives you more drying time. You then have an option of a matt finish or a clear varnish spray.

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