it will not lead you astray.

page from my visual journal
page from my visual/art journal

Last week, I started art journaling again. This is just a page I made this morning.

It says:
“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” – Rumi

I haven’t really touched my art journal since before the hurricane, in 2017- so, two years. I just couldn’t handle the process, nor did I feel any need to document life. I guess I finally feel like there’s more to say.

The funny thing is that when I thought about snapping a quick photo and posting it, I started worrying about calling this particular project an “art journal” since it’s basically just collage of found images and words and no paint or drawing,etc. I thought about other people seeing it and their first thought being ‘well, it’s not really an *art* journal so she shouldn’t call it that…”, which kind of speaks volumes about me being overly self-conscious about what I create and then share online.

I guess I have heard way too many rants from too many artists about what the “requirements” are for sharing art online, and it’s made me incredibly self-conscious about the whole process of being creative and then letting anyone else see it. Honestly, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Unless it’s like a carbon copy of what another artist made, just let people create and post it without labels and the “correct” hashtags and detailed instructions/materials lists…

Anyway, who cares what I call it? It’s my project, it’s for me, so I’ll just call it an art journal.┬áIt’s just a place where I’m trying to articulate my inner mindset and things I’m working through emotionally.

This week I have been pulling a random cards from my little collection of indie oracle/tarot, photocopying the page of the guidebook for the card I pulled, and then cutting out words and phrases that resonate for me. Or, like in the page above, the card I pulled reminded me of this Rumi quote, so that’s what I put on the page. I know exactly what it means for me, and what the thought process is behind it, so I don’t feel any need to add any personal journaling.

The whole “pull a card” thing is great because I don’t have to come up with an idea- the words I find kind of guide me to where I need to go.

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