end of September art journal

Some art journal pages from this week. I actually have four (!) more in progress, but these are the only ones I actually *completed* this week. I’m sort of all over the place, but that’s okay. I figure as long as I’m in the studio, being creative, it’s all good.

pages from this week

I did a page about Gracie RIGHT THIS MINUTE and then a page about our home improvement project- we’re in the process of turning our formal dining room into a sun room and turning our guest bedroom into a playroom for Gracie.

Gracie Girl (at 6.92)

I shot this photo of Gracie one afternoon, writing in her journal, and it inspired me to do an entire page about what’s going on with her, RIGHT NOW. Not this year, not even this month- just on the exact moment that I put the page together.

She’s become a bit of an obsessive journal keeper. It used to be more of an art journal, but lately she writes EVERYTHING down. And I mean, EVERYTHING. I also put some other tidbits that came to mind down, as well. Most everything on this page is from the Amy Tan stuff from American Crafts.

late september art journal

Then I did a page with the random tidbits of home improvement stuff I had laying around. Sketches and measurements we took on random notebook paper, the booklet and extra stickers that came with the FLOR carpet tiles, invoices, packing slips, and an incorrect fabric sample that Pottery Barn sent me (I ordered a fabric swatch for a light blue curtain, and they sent me some dark brown sofa upholstery…)

And yes, I TOTALLY made two “Q” letter stickers into “O” letter stickers. It’s not nearly as noticeable in real life. Oh well.

making this house our own…

I used the interior of the Pottery Barn swatch as a place to keep a “what we’ve gotten done so far” list.

making this house our own…

The improvements are taking a while because we are trying to source as many of the materials from inside our house as possible, so we’re shifting things around to see what works. We took all the leaves out of the dining room table and moved it into an empty corner of the living room, where Gracie’s toys were. Now her toys are going into the new playroom.  So now that corner is a little homework space for Gracie, a space for Lego and puzzles and board games, and it’s located next to the bookshelves.

I had to order some new lamps and curtains and things, and we’re patiently awaiting those. Which is fine. There was a huge temptation to get it all purchased right away so it could get done, but I decided I would feel better about this whole project if I shopped around and found good prices even if it meant backorder until November.

Thank you, as always, for looking. It’s Friday, so I’m also blogging over at Sprout.

I hope you have an awesome weekend!


3 thoughts on “end of September art journal

  1. Your are one talented girl. The design in this is just amazing! It looks like it all came together planned, but yet so artsy looking! Awesome. Love the use of the letters turning to O’s couldn’t tell by the way, and Gracie journaling, and the home improvements…you are super talented girl!

  2. I love that you did a page on Gracie and did it in the moment. Those precious times can slip past so quickly. How awesome that she is journaling and has such a talented Mom to guide and inspire her. Best of luck with your remodeling.

  3. These are wonderful pages, Chel… that pic of Gracie is sooo SWEET! And I like that you’ve made a page celebrating your sunroom and home improvements. I’ve not done a scrapbook in ages with such things, but see this almost makes me want to! It’s kind of sad, I’ve stopped keeping up our photo album & scrapbook, as everything we do is digital–photos, etc. My “excuse” is that since we don’t have kids, what happens to it all later, so I get lazy about those things…Happy Autumn Days, my friend ((HUGS))

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