Here’s the honest truth: I’m **TERRIBLE** at replying to email.

It’s not that I don’t check my email often, or intend to reply, it’s just that I feel really bad about dashing off quick replies to emails.¬†In my head, I believe that I’m going to find the perfect time when I can sit down and craft a thoughtful response to personal emails I get, but then the “perfect time” just never happens. And if I do reply, it’s often long-winded so it takes me 40 hours to write it and edit it and it’s still too long and the person doesn’t respond to that and then I never do it again.

Like I said- my intention is really good, my follow-through is CRAP.¬†Please don’t take it personally when there’s a ridiculous delay- it’s more than likely I did receive and read your email, obsessed over a possible wonderful reply, but never got around to actually typing and sending it back to you.