Common Miracles : Week 98

“Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts. Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warrior’s world.” – Pema Chodron


What’s good:

– The dental appointment I had last week wasn’t great, but realizing once again that I’m now an adult and can make choices about my health care was good.

– Date afternoon with Tom on Sunday- we saw “Admission”, got some Frappuccino’s at Starbucks (love their chocolate-chocolate chip one), ran a few errands. I love Tina Fey, love Paul Rudd, love my husband. Good day.

– Beautiful weather. It’s been in the high 60’s/low 70’s here for a few days, which is quite cool for us, but perfect spring weather. Even though I live in Florida, I grew up in NY and I do miss the beautiful seasonal weather.

– Still loving the longer days, and spending more time out back every afternoon as a result. I love the flexibility it gives my afternoon/evening schedule. I also love that my art studio doesn’t look like a dark cave at 3pm anymore.

– Phlox smell so good. I had no idea when I planted them that they would be fragrant, but they always surprise me with their sweet smell.

– My garden is showing lots of signs of new growth. This year I have a lot of established plants, so I haven’t been planting as many seeds as in the years past. Some of my plants went through a bit of a funk this winter, and a couple of showing signs of bouncing back with little tiny green spots all over their stems and branches. I love it.

– Gracie brought me home a tiny rose bush last week- she spotted it at the grocery store and remembered how badly I wanted another rose plant and had Tom get it for me. It was SO sweet.

– Gracie and I bonding over different things as we get older. For a long time our major bond was art (it still is) but now we spend a lot of time talking about people and ideas and all sorts of things. I love it.

– Crochet. Just started a blanket for my dad. I know I list this constantly but it really is very soothing and something I love to do.

– My family. I’ve been in a cranky funk this week and Tom’s been very good about it. I *really* like Tom. I know that’s an odd thing to say about a husband, but in addition to loving him and being in love, I also really really like him. I like my family in addition to loving them. I like being with them and I like who they are and I like who I am with them.

– The pets. (Yes, talking about my cats AGAIN). With all three cats and Winnie the parrot, there are a lot of different personalities and things going on, but they are a major part of my day-to-day happiness because they are so present and so generous with love and honest affection. What can I say? I love my animals and feel truly privileged to be able to share a day-to-day existence with them.

– Space to be myself. I’m over-sensitive and emotional when it comes to other people sometimes. But if I take the time to really look into it and figure out what’s causing the pain when something hurts me a little bit, I find that it’s usually related to how I see myself. That I can work on.  ( <— I know that sounds oddly cryptic, and I don’t mean it that way…. just trying to say that I’m slowly learning how to give myself permission to not worry too much about what other people think of me or my art or my life…)

– Girl Scout cookies. It’s nice to finally have a Girl Scout to get a steady supply of cookies from (thin mints!)

– Gracie’s new dancing class (hip hop). She wanted to take dancing for a long time, but when we would go to sign her up,  she would refuse because she really DOES NOT want to do recitals or dance in parades/performances and that’s what her friends tell her about dancing. She finally said she would go to class if she didn’t have to perform- she just wants to learn for fun. That’s perfectly fine with us.

– Eagerly awaiting the new Elizabeth Berg book.

– Allowing myself to re-evaluate what I’m truly interested in and follow it to see where it leads. Finding the courage to go back to doing things for me and trying not to worry too much about the results.

What’s good for you right now??

Common Miracles is a project I started in May, 2011 to examine and discover how gratitude works in everyday life. To find out more about Common Miracles please visit the very first post about this project, located here.

2 thoughts on “Common Miracles : Week 98

  1. I am slowly getting over here to visit. Another great post. So sweet Gracie knew you wanted the rose bush, beautiful too by the way. Lots of good stuff here. Lots that I could apply as well.

  2. I love that you maintain this tradition of Common Miracles, it’s such a lovely way to start each week. So far this week has been two Mondays in a row, so maybe I need to start up with Common Miracles again!

    Hearing Gracie stories always makes me smile. xo

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