Common Miracles : Week 100 (!)

“Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts. Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warrior’s world.” – Pema Chodron

It’s week ONE HUNDRED of me doing this project. That’s almost two years.

One one hand, I’m, like, “so what?”

But on the other hand, I started this project having a HUGE resistance to the idea of gratitude. It was always presented to me as more of an obligation than something to discover. What I mean by that is that I always thought of gratitude as something you were obligated to do in order to prevent bad stuff from piling on, in a sort of “you *should* be grateful it’s not worse” kinda way.

Now I see gratitude as discovery, as a chance to open myself and really see and feel the world around me in a new way, every single day.

So it’s a pretty big shift, all things considered. And I do experience gratitude regularly now. And I enjoy keeping it in foreground of my life, always open to it.

So, onward:

What’s good right now:

– I’m feeling incredibly relieved that my dentist appointment happened. I was really stressed about it, and I’m still sort of buzzing over the relief of it being behind me.

– We’re going on an adventure later this spring and even though I have anxiety about getting all the details in order, I’m starting to feel myself get giddy and excited (in a child-like way, which is good!) about it. I really want it to be fun, relaxing, interesting, and be in the moment. I need to remember to slow down and just enjoy myself rather than trying to jam a million things into one experience. (And if our beloved house sitter can confirm, I’d feel infinitely better… she just called and confirmed so *total* relief!)

– The weather was brutal on Friday, but since then it’s been beautiful and cool and all blue skies. Love having the windows and doors flung open, and having the breeze make the chimes sing and flow through the house. One of our cats, Chester, GALLOPS through the house full speed when it’s breezy out- he flies out one door and runs across the length of the lanai, leaps into another door, runs across the house, and then does it over and over again. It’s funny to hear and watch- it feels very joyful.

– I shifted my schedule around a bit and even though it means more of a crunch in the mornings, it gives me a little more flexibility in the afternoons (especially right after I get out of the pool), which seems to be working for me. I’m meditating at night, which is kinda interesting. It’s becoming less about “when can I get up and have my tea?” to “let’s just unwind and untangle for a bit and see what comes up.”

– I’m kinda enjoying “staycation” weekends. Usually we try and get out a lot during the weekends- go to the movies, run errands in town (which is an hour away), etc. But Tom and my dad are working on a project together and I’m not chomping at the bit to see anything at the movies or run a zillion errands, so we’re hanging out here, spending a lot of time outside (in the pool, gardening, just hanging out), I’m in my studio, I’m reading a lot and hanging out in the sunroom at night. It feels like I’m being a bit of a shut-in, but the truth is I don’t mind terribly. There’s plenty to do.

– Realizing that things I have been putting off for months are easily accomplished is a very nice surprise!

– I know I mentioned the weather already, but it’s worth mentioning again: I LOVE sunshine and blue skies. I am a little concerned about the coming summer (very stormy and dark season for us down here in SW Florida) but I am determined to FIND pockets of time when the weather is okay and spend those outside. I’m starting to think I need to be getting into the pool early mornings during summer, so I don’t have to track the weather all day to find a time when I can get in the pool and not have to worry about the lightning, which is pretty much a constant in summer.

– Color makes me so happy. So does tea. And spring.

– Our gardenia bushes are flowering and Tom brings me in the flowers from them, and it makes the house smell *so* beautiful.

– Although fall is my favorite season, spring is a close second. Blue skies, FLOWERS, all the birds around outside, the lizards that live in my garden and that come out when I garden. I feel very priveledged that they trust me enough not to scatter. And yesterday, when I was gardening, one of the cardinals that live on our property popped out of a hedge and landed on the ground right in front of me, chirped at me for a little bit, and then tended to his feathers. I felt very flattered to witness that.

Common Miracles is a project I started in May, 2011 to examine and discover how gratitude works in everyday life.

3 thoughts on “Common Miracles : Week 100 (!)

  1. Happy 100 Chel! So much I appreciate these weekly posts of yours, and thinking about gratitude along with you. So glad you dentist appt. went OK. Oh,”staycation” weekends–that’s us in winter, we don’t mind a bit of semi-hibernation in winter. Now that spring is here–were busting to get out & about more… LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

  2. Wow, happy 100th! And so worth it. Love your post. Sounds like lots of reliefs those are always welcomed! I hope the trip goes well. And I love those not so crazy busy weekends. The cats crack me up. Archie gets a little excited to for great weather. Here’s hoping we have a not so active hurricane season!

  3. I love sunshine and blue skies too! We have had some, but boy the clouds race through again pretty quickly, dump some rain and then it’s blue skies again for a minute or two.

    So so impressed with your 100 weeks! Kudos.

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