common miracles 5/9/11

My Common Miracles list for today…
is mostly moments, as opposed to things and people. It was just that kind of day.

– Playing with paint this morning:
I finally got around to diluting my Tom Holtz Color Wash sprays (mine were so dark you couldn’t tell what color they were supposed to even after being sprayed) and in the process I “tested” out a bunch on some paper and just had fun doing it and watching the paint blend and mix.

– The moment when I first dove into the pool this afternoon:
I usually garden for an hour or two before I swim, so by the time I get into the pool, I’m terribly hot, sweaty, grungy, my hands and knees covered in soil, and everything I’ve been looking at has been green or brown or terra-cotta. To dive into cool, blue, crisp water after that is just an AMAZING feeling. It’s like everything gets washed away, my body can stretch from the tips of my fingers to the ends of my toes, and I can just totally unwind.

Conversely, the moment I got out of the pool was pretty awesome, too. After swimming for two hours, I was sore and a little bored and ready for a hot shower and to get on with the rest of the day.

A few moments during my swim:
one was when I got some answers to an issue I have been pondering for quite a while (a terrific relief),
when Delilah (one of my kitties) came and curled by the side of the pool as I swam, and then when “On A Good Day” by Oceanlab came on my iPod. I really needed to hear it.

– After I finished swimming and showering and starting laundry and tidying up and doing everything that needs getting done after I swim, I *finally* got to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of tea (Assam Harmony) and just be *still* and quiet for a while. I felt total relief in that moment, and I savored it.

Watching the sunset out back, curled up on the swing with my current book (“Radio Shangri-La”) and enjoying a cool breeze.

Sarah Harmer songs on the iPod we leave playing in the living room for Winnie. It’s nice to have good music playing all day, and it’s even nicer to hear a song I forgot I *really* loved.


A lot of these things- tea, my pets, sunset, the garden- are going to be common themes, but they are honestly the things that make me content.


Common Miracles is a project I started in May, 2011 to chronicle all the little (and big!) things that happen during regular days that bring me a sense of well-being. It’s a effort to recognize the small things that make life more worth living, the stuff that normally doesn’t get acknowledged or talked about.

Want to know the whole story? Want to join in? Please visit the very first post about this project, located here.



5 thoughts on “common miracles 5/9/11

  1. Have I confessed that I am a bit jealous of your swimming every day? That sounds so lovely and peaceful and refreshing…

    Looking forward to seeing where Common Miracles goes… I see a movement ahead, a groundswell!

  2. Sounds lovely… I think the quiet moments are the best at times. I think I will have to start a blog post and keeping adding to it…because it’s so easy to forget those little precious moments…until next week!

  3. I love your common miracles list. I have been practicing an attitude of gratitude in my life for quite a while now, whenever I can. In fact, David and I end every day listing at least three things we are grateful for right before sleep each night. I also participate in “Sharing the joy” Thursday on my friend Meri’s blog (, where we dedicate every Thursday’s blog post to something that brings us joy.
    Staying in that place of “good” and “positive” whenever we can has definitely made my life better. I think it is really one of our jobs on this planet.
    I love picturing you swimming, thinking, being…
    You go, Girl !

  4. You lucky-duck you don’t even have to leave your house to get your swim in!! My swim time also helps me to figure stuff out…I think it’s the combination of the quietness and the rhythm. These are neat posts and you will cherish them someday 😀

  5. Love all of your moments you are posting. I will definitely jump in at least once a week or so with posts! They are good ones to do when I need something to write about and to enjoy.

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