… just, no.

We watched The Lego Batman Movie last night. This part had me rolling on the floor- this is pretty much what goes on inside my head whenever I don’t want to do anything. Or when I have to do anything that involves a lot of interaction with people. Or when I have to sit in… Read More … just, no.

around here, late July

What’s going on around here: In my head… A bunch of stuff. First:┬áBACK TO SCHOOL PREP. My mom and dad are in North Carolina for the summer, but my mom came back to town for some appointments and to help get Gracie ready for school, so it’s been a very busy few weeks. Gracie’s starting… Read More around here, late July

petunia love

A few years ago, I ordered some Petunia seeds on a lark- I wanted an easy-care flower for the garden, and I had seen petunias in local garden centers year-round, so I decided to give it a go. Needless to say, I wound up becoming obsessed with them. I have a large container garden (I’d… Read More petunia love