PT, our little parrotlet, passed away today. In the middle of the night, he seemed to be in a bit of distress- Tom was going to rush him up to the emergency vet, but after a few minutes, PT settled back in and fell asleep. We made the incredibly difficult decision to say goodbye this… Read More PT


PT, one of our little pet parrotlets (birds), is very ill. We have two parrotlets- PT and Herbie. We adopted them in 2004. Herbie was about two or three, and PT was about one. They were a bonded pair, and very very shy (not the kind of birds who crawl all over you and want… Read More argh

hello, hello

  “So open wide your wounded heart Feel yourself be blown apart Open wide your wounded heart It’s a funny place to start But in the light of the sun We are found we are undone In the light of the sun We are all one All the seeds beneath the snow Start to grow… Read More hello, hello

Common Miracles : Week 99

“Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts. Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warrior’s world.” – Pema Chodron  (delilah and me back in 1997)In August 1997, I got a kitten… Rewind a bit: After I graduated Emory, I… Read More Common Miracles : Week 99


Here is what I have been engrossed in… For all of November, and a few days in December, I was making the beads above (first I made the base beads from white clay, then I dyed the beads individually, and then I made them into 20 pieces of jewelry for a large personal order.) It… Read More EMBARK

happy birthday, Delilah!

Today, my beloved kitty Delilah – my best friend, my little soul mate, my little everything – turns 13 🙂 She came into my life in the summer of 1997 and she has been by my side through graduate school, meeting and marrying Tom, moving to Florida, building and moving into our house, and growing… Read More happy birthday, Delilah!

The Cat Network

From my friend Eliana: The Cat Network, an organization that has sterilized almost 50,000 cats in the last nine years, and has a donor that is willing to match 100% of the donations up to a $1000. They are trying to pass the word around to see if people will lend a hand and donate.… Read More The Cat Network

Cat Lost For Weeks… in Couch

“For $27 a Washington state woman got a used couch and a mystery. A strange meowing sound coming from inside the sofa. After days of searching for the source, Vickie Mendenhall’s boyfriend discovered a very hungry calico cat living inside the couch Tuesday night.” The owners were THRILLED that their cat was found safe and… Read More Cat Lost For Weeks… in Couch