holiday thoughts 2017

Note: I write one of these every year, usually in my art journal or my scrapbook, so that when the following year rolls around, I can look back on the previous holidays and make small adjustments and edit my expectations and ideas a bit. This year I’m doing more of my documenting here on my… Read More holiday thoughts 2017

around here, late July

What’s going on around here: In my head… A bunch of stuff. First: BACK TO SCHOOL PREP. My mom and dad are in North Carolina for the summer, but my mom came back to town for some appointments and to help get Gracie ready for school, so it’s been a very busy few weeks. Gracie’s starting… Read More around here, late July

around here mid-June, 2015

What’s going on around here: In my head… I am enormously relieved that school is out, tourist season is over, and things are sort of calming down. Seriously. This past week I have felt so many moments of profound relief, and they come out of nowhere. I’ll be putting on clothes after my shower or… Read More around here mid-June, 2015

around here… mid-May 2015

What’s going on around here: In my head… Okay, the truth: Spring kicked my butt. Seriously. It wasn’t any one thing in particular, it was just a whole lot of everything happening at once. I have this thing I call “moving parts”- I usually use it to describe small tasks that don’t take a lot… Read More around here… mid-May 2015

around here…

What’s going on around here: I think this might be more of a brain-dump kinda post than my usual “Around Here” posts. On Blogging/Online Journaling… I really want to update this blog more, but I always sort of put it off because I feel like the posts have to follow a specific format, or be… Read More around here…

January, documented…

I barely took any photos in January (I guess after the holiday blitz, it didn’t feel necessary) so it was fairly simple to document the month in the scrapbook. It took two evenings last week to pick the photos, print them, and put the pages together, which is very quick for this process, at least… Read More January, documented…

petunia love

A few years ago, I ordered some Petunia seeds on a lark- I wanted an easy-care flower for the garden, and I had seen petunias in local garden centers year-round, so I decided to give it a go. Needless to say, I wound up becoming obsessed with them. I have a large container garden (I’d… Read More petunia love