new art journal… sorta

I don’t know if you remember, but several weeks ago I thought I was going to do The 100 Day Project, but after two weeks I realize it took ALL my creative time (which isn’t much) and I couldn’t keep it up and keep painting, taking classes, working on other creative projects, etc. so I… Read More new art journal… sorta

the 100 day project

[I wrote this Tuesday and totally forgot to publish it.] For several weeks, I have been thinking about a new creative project- something to do with watercolors and some of the water-based art supplies I have in my studio but I don’t have a chance to use that often since I’m so focused on larger-scale… Read More the 100 day project

why “okay” is amazing

“Most of our searching is looking for ways to discover who we already are. Thus, we continually run into mountains and rivers, run to the farthest sea, and into the arms of strangers, all to be shaken into remembering… We have been trained to think that being particular about what we want is indicative of good… Read More why “okay” is amazing

my small corner of the world

“Botswana had been a special country, and still was, but it had been more special in the days when everybody—or almost everybody—observed the old Botswana ways. The modern world was selfish, and full of cold and rude people. Botswana had never been like that, and Mma Ramotswe was determined that her small corner of Botswana,… Read More my small corner of the world