holiday thoughts 2017

Note: I write one of these every year, usually in my art journal or my scrapbook, so that when the following year rolls around, I can look back on the previous holidays and make small adjustments and edit my expectations and ideas a bit. This year I’m doing more of my documenting here on my… Read More holiday thoughts 2017

hurricane irma, part eight (unexpected heat, unexpected visitors, and unexpected progress )

(this is a continuation of my previous entry there’s also part one, part two, part three , part four, part five, and part six) NOTE: These next two parts might be a bit of a text dump- the days kind of blurred together and I just wanted to pick out the things that stood out most to me.… Read More hurricane irma, part eight (unexpected heat, unexpected visitors, and unexpected progress )

around here mid-June, 2015

What’s going on around here: In my head… I am enormously relieved that school is out, tourist season is over, and things are sort of calming down. Seriously. This past week I have felt so many moments of profound relief, and they come out of nowhere. I’ll be putting on clothes after my shower or… Read More around here mid-June, 2015

around here… mid-May 2015

What’s going on around here: In my head… Okay, the truth: Spring kicked my butt. Seriously. It wasn’t any one thing in particular, it was just a whole lot of everything happening at once. I have this thing I call “moving parts”- I usually use it to describe small tasks that don’t take a lot… Read More around here… mid-May 2015

around here…

What’s going on around here: I think this might be more of a brain-dump kinda post than my usual “Around Here” posts. On Blogging/Online Journaling… I really want to update this blog more, but I always sort of put it off because I feel like the posts have to follow a specific format, or be… Read More around here…

the 100 day project

[I wrote this Tuesday and totally forgot to publish it.] For several weeks, I have been thinking about a new creative project- something to do with watercolors and some of the water-based art supplies I have in my studio but I don’t have a chance to use that often since I’m so focused on larger-scale… Read More the 100 day project

this is what I am doing

I know I haven’t updated in a week or so- I just didn’t have the time (or focus) to sit down and articulate any sort of coherent thought. When I had a few extra moments in the studio, which seemed few and far between this week, I mostly touched up my painting. Did a little… Read More this is what I am doing