holiday thoughts 2017

Note: I write one of these every year, usually in my art journal or my scrapbook, so that when the following year rolls around, I can look back on the previous holidays and make small adjustments and edit my expectations and ideas a bit. This year I’m doing more of my documenting here on my… Read More holiday thoughts 2017

“does the sun ask itself….”

So in the class I’m taking, we’re talking about happiness and kindness this week. Basically, the Buddhist belief is that the key to true happiness is kindness. Kindness is not indulgence, though. Kindness is compassion and wisdom and love and generosity. It’s figuring out what’s needed and providing that. It’s not “here, I’ll give you… Read More “does the sun ask itself….”


Long time, no blog. I’ve been painting. I’ve been doing other things, of course: swimming, gardening, holiday-making, family stuff, movie-watching, writing, reading, a tiny bit of documenting. But for the most part, when I have a bit of free time, I find myself painting. I guess it’s safe to say that the painting class I took… Read More painting

awakening joy 2012

  Awakening Joy has started up again. I’ve been taking the course for years and really recommend it. For those who are a little daunted by the suggested tuition: pay what you can.The suggested tuition is for those that attend the class in California, but it’s “pay what you can” for those taking the class… Read More awakening joy 2012

Power Song Playlist

Certain songs carry you through. What songs make you feel powerful? If you were on a deserted island with the world’s biggest jerk constantly trying to break you down, what would you need playing in your ear? Make your Power Song Playlist now and fortify your mojo. 1. Oceanlab’s “On A Good Day” Lyrics: Little… Read More Power Song Playlist

“a” (in progress)

Here’s my first art journal page for “Me: The Abridged Version” class I am taking at Big Picture. (Sorry for the crummy photo- I took it with my iPhone.) I really wasn’t going for anything, I was just playing. I started out by using my old stick pastels from my days in art school. They… Read More “a” (in progress)


Madame X has always been a very inspiring, powerful image for me. I’ve seen this painting in real life several times, and it’s overwhelming and beautiful and just takes your breath away. She’s quiet, still, and imposing. I’m taking Power Stories over at Magpie Girl and our assignment this week was to think about a… Read More power

8 Things – Powerful

*8 Things this week: 8 Things That Make Me Feel Powerful 1. Swimming two miles a day. When I swim even more (yesterday I did four), I feel like a freakin’ superhero. When I’m in the water, I fly. Nothing feels better when I need to work my anxieties, fears, doubts, anger, frustration, etc. out.… Read More 8 Things – Powerful