catching up on the blog: introducing Parker (our newest kitty)

Parker, our newest family member
Parker, our newest family member

I know it’s been forever since I last updated this website/journal/blog.

I’m not sure why I stopped writing- a lot was going on and a lot HAS gone on in the last nine months, and I think I just got overwhelmed by it all. Experiencing it and then writing about it seemed like just too much. One thing I do when I write regularly is that I start writing in my head, and then I carry the words and sentences and things around in my head until I can get them down on paper (or screen) and it’s sort of like another thing that can stress me out. So I just decided to stop worrying about it, and thus I just stopped thinking about writing.

But then the other day I was trying to figure out the different dates of different stuff that happened in the last year, and I realized I hadn’t really written much at all about any of it, and I wish I had.

Also, I miss writing. A lot.

So I decided to just come back here and start journaling again.

There’s lot of little things that have happened since last fall, of course, but two big things have happened: I had emergency foot surgery last week (ugh- I’ll probably write about that in another entry) and we adopted a new kitty in January that we named Parker.

As far as Parker, here’s the story:
During the holidays, I was missing Delilah a lot. For those that don’t know, Delilah was kitten that my parents got for me back in 1997, and she was my best friend and soulmate. She passed away in 2013 and it has been very hard to deal with her loss because she really was my shadow and we sort of grew up together.

Anyway, and on a whim, I googled “Bombay Cat Rescue” right after Christmas thinking that maybe I could give a donation in Delilah’s name to a cat rescue group. Delilah was a purebred Bombay, and even though I’m now a shelter-cat advocate in every sense of the word, I do think Bombays are beautiful, amazing cats and I’m grateful I got to share my life with one.

The FIRST thing that popped up when I googled “Bombay Cat Rescue” was this photo:

parker's photo from local animal control
parker’s photo from local animal control

I almost fell off my chair when I saw the picture- it was too cute. I started clicking around to try and figure out if I could send the rescue he was at a donation for him, or sponsor him or something, and I completely freaked out when I realized he was at the local animal control (aka the pound…)

I found out from his little “Adopt Me!” page that he was 8 years old, he was surrendered last August, and he had been waiting for a new home for about 5 months. Animal control is *not* a no-kill shelter, and Parker’s a black, older cat (both things are deterrents to adoption) so he really needed a home…

… and less than a week later, he was home with us.

We had no plans of getting any more cats- we already had three (rescue) cats, three birds (two parrotlets we’ve had for about 13 years and a Caique), and a leopard gecko (he’s about 20 years old…). We work from home, and we’re kind of homebodies on top of that, so the pet thing works for us, but it’s still a ton of work. A fourth cat was not something we were even considering.

However, something about Parker touched me-  and as soon as Tom met him, he sort of knew it was meant to be, as well.

And Parker is a WONDERFUL cat- incredibly sweet, very personable and perfectly behaved. He loves food and people and being around everyone and looking at the birds out the window and “talking” CONSTANTLY and sleeping and Ginger. Ginger is our kitty that had a bunch of health problems the last few years. She’s recovered now, but because of her illness, she was isolated from our other two cats for a long time and they sort of bonded with one another and left her behind. And she didn’t have much interest in them- they are both sort of rough and tumble boys, and she’s not interested in that. Parker is perfect for Ginger- he’s calm but interactive, very vocal and sort of the cat that is always around and GOOD company, and very reassuring in a gentle way. He loves Ginger, and the two are together all day, so not only did we add another amazing cat to our family, we were able to give Ginger a companion.

I will admit that Parker has filled a hole in my heart that I have had since Delilah passed. Something about having a black cat around has made me feel full again. Parker’s nothing like Delilah (they do share a few traits) and he’s twice the size of her, but something about seeing a black cat out of the corner of my eye makes my heart feel like everything is exactly the way it should be, cat-wise. So I am so grateful that we got to add him to our little family.

The flipside to this is that Milo HATES Parker. HATES him. We tried every method under the sun of slowly introducing them, and it just isn’t happening. So we’ve sort of let Ginger and Parker have the back of the house- the bedrooms and Tom’s office, and Milo and Chester have the front half.  So now we have two sets of two cats- Parker and Ginger and Chester and Milo.

Tom works from home so there’s always someone home and hanging out with all the cats. We “switch” Milo out to the back of the house and let Ginger and Parker explore the rest of the house regularly. It’s not ideal, but it works fine. I hope, with time, Milo will relax a little bit- he’s kind of an intense and super active cat to begin with, and he’s slowly transitioning from kitten-into-everything-ALL-THE-TIME mode into a more calm cat (he’s three years old, but still acts like he’s about 6 months old) . So we’ll see what happens.


As far as the surgery… I will write about that tonight or tomorrow. That’s something that I sort of knew was coming but was hoping might be off in the future- maybe YEARS in the future- and when I found out it was happening RIGHT AWAY it sort of really knocked me off my game. I’m still puzzling it out, to be honest. My health has always been a huge part of my life, but it’s been a while since I couldn’t take care of an issue myself with extra-good self-care, so this whole situation with my foot kind of shook me up. Plus: surgery. Being off my feet for weeks. Not being able to swim. Not being able to scrub my foot and keep it sterile and take care of it and see that the surgical incision is healing correctly… huge germaphobe, control-freak issues going on for me. And then there was an unexpected complication on top of it (I talked about it on Facebook a few days ago, will write about it here.) It’s just been a lot, and I’m surprised by how hard it hit me. Like I said- more soon on that. I need to gather my thoughts a little bit.

One thing I want to get back to is just writing about whatever regularly. Not worrying about having too many entries in too short a time, or balancing my brain-dump entries with art-related entries, or giving important entries *enough* time before uploading something else, etc. When I first started writing online way back in 1997 (holy crap, almost 20 years of this…) all I wanted was an outlet. Since blogs were non-existant and personal webpages were few-and-far-between, I really didn’t think anyone was reading, so I wrote with abandon, about whatever I was thinking about. There was something very freeing about that.

I want that again. Maybe this break has sort of reset all my weird neuroses about blogging that I’ve picked up on in the last decade.

I don’t know if anyone still reads this, so if you’re here and you see this- hello. Thank you for checking in on me, still. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for hanging around. I don’t know if the comments work or the back-end of this website is all out of date or what, but I’ll figure that out later. I just wanted to start writing something while I had the urge. Momentum is a key thing for me.

Hope you had a great weekend.

5 thoughts on “catching up on the blog: introducing Parker (our newest kitty)

  1. Feels like the good old days reading your blog again. I, unfortunately, gave up on mine. I just don’t have the time anymore. It’s nice to see you posting again! Wishing you a speedy and easy recovery with your foot. xo, Stephanie

  2. I’m so happy you wrote! I love reading these entries, your thoughts and contemplations, the goings-on of animal antics in your home. It made me happy to hear that having Parker made things feel right in your home again. That’s such a beautiful thing. And I feel for you with regard to all the foot stuff, I know that can’t be easy, and I know that control stuff and germaphobe stuff is really tough. Hugs to you!!

    Also, I’m really glad to read what you wrote about giving up the blogging neuroses. I feel like I’ve gained a few lately, and reading what you wrote made me feel a lot more light hearted about it all. Thanks for that!

  3. Good to read this post and I’m thrilled you’ve added another lovely creature to your home! Black cats have such a tough time getting adopted, poor things. I do hope eventually all four of them will like or at least tolerate each other, but you never know.

  4. Hi Michele. Glad you are back on line. I have missed your blogs and was wondering how you were doing. I hope you have a very speedy recovery with your foot. I also love the newest member of your family, Parker. He is absolutely adorable. Take care and hope to read more from you soon. Have a wonderful day.

  5. oh! i am so glad that you are back. i was worried. i am sorry to hear about your health issues (haven’t read the bu next post yet) but was thrilled to click on your page and see new text. 🙂
    – meegan

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