Cat Lost For Weeks… in Couch

“For $27 a Washington state woman got a used couch and a mystery.

A strange meowing sound coming from inside the sofa.

After days of searching for the source, Vickie Mendenhall’s boyfriend discovered a very hungry calico cat living inside the couch Tuesday night.”

The owners were THRILLED that their cat was found safe and sound- they were sure she lost her. I have actually had a cat do the same thing (burrow into a sofa- we were frantically looking for her while she was snoozing away…)

I’m really happy for everyone involved.

1 thought on “Cat Lost For Weeks… in Couch

  1. Hah! When my cat had kittens (late 89) she liked to stow them in the sofa, and we had to be dang careful where we sat!

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