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Awakening Joy has started up again. I’ve been taking the course for years and really recommend it. For those who are a little daunted by the suggested tuition: pay what you can.The suggested tuition is for those that attend the class in California, but it’s “pay what you can” for those taking the class via internet.

Every year I get a little something different from the course. It’s interesting, because the material is pretty much the same every year, but the experience of the class changes SO MUCH depending on what’s going on in everyday life.

Last year I wound up taking the topics from the first three months (Intention, Mindfulness, and Gratitude) and working on them for the entire year- I started daily meditation, a regular gratitude practice, and I just did that whole series on intention over at Bliss Habits.

However, this year I am approaching it in an entirely different way…

True confession: I am an obsessive note taker/underliner/information hoarder. I just can’t shake it. Whenever I take ANY kind of class, whether it be something creative or even intro to sign language at the local high school, I get a little bonkers about it.

The way I have always approached Awakening Joy was to STUDY the readings, online lectures, books, and practice letters like I was studying for some major test. And after a few months of that, of trying to review and relearn everything every month, trying to create 1,000 new daily practices to make my life happier, I would completely burn out.

This year, I’m just letting myself just BE THERE for the information as opposed to trying to learn it all. I’m paying careful attention, but not trying to memorize anything. There’s just *too* much. I’m just sort of seeing what themes and ideas pop out at me, which topics I want to explore more. Then I will go from there.

Bottom line is that I just really want to be present for this process as opposed to trying to micro-manage it. I don’t know if that makes any sense…

Anyway, there are a handful of exercises every month, and I thought I might do some of them on here. The first one was sort of a doozy- it was a simple question, but as I thought about the answer, it got *HUGE* and fairly emotional. So I’m still debating how comfortable I feel sharing that here, on this blog. I know I should, but it makes me feel a little vulnerable. So I’m still weighing it out, thinking on it.


2 thoughts on “awakening joy 2012

  1. That sounds like such an interesting course. I like your approach to how you are going to go about it this year. It will probably be more enjoyable for you to loosen up and find what strikes you.

    As for sharing, I think that’s a personal decision. I was searching for something within the last few days and found one of my journal pages in the search. My stomach did flips. I think I will be pixelating my journal entries from now on. I know logically that when I post them to my blog that they are there in the public space for anyone to read but I think part of me thinks that since I only have a small following, that only you guys are reading and it shocks me to see my pages show up somewhere else. Silly, I know.

  2. This course sounds so good, Chel! I would like to take it… perhaps that could be next year’s big course. :o) I very admire you approach to the course this year, for just being present, as opposed to trying to manage your process of it somehow. Of, as you say, being there for the information, not trying to learn it all. I’m like you, I feel compelled to make notes, to write, to capture and keep as deeply as I can what I learn along the way. This year, I too, am learning how to just open that up, being present with all that happens. As such, I’m keeping only two journals this year–a written one, as well as my art journal… not writing in 5 or 6 books this time. ;o) I now find each time with each page more becomes present or comes to light. Thank you for sharing so much of your experience. Happy Day ((HUGS))

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