art journal pages – early february

Here are some art journal pages I worked on this week:

art journal pages - early february
art journal pages – early february

I did two pages, plus one mini-page (double sided) bound into the journal with washi tape in-between.

time @ home
time @ home

Due to various illnesses and Tom having work related stuff, we spent quite a bit of time at home the past few weekends. I wanted to document that. I matted the photos on some paper tape, and the background is one of the monoprints I made last week with some Heidi Swapp Gold Lame spray paint on top.


saturday afternoon mini-page
saturday afternoon mini-page

Before I bound this into my journal, I took a quick photo of it. Last weekend Tom and I spent Saturday afternoon running errands and generally having fun, so I just decided to make record of it. I do that from time to time to document how we spend our time.

I didn’t take photos, so I just used letter stickers to list out what we did, and stuck them over a background of washi tape.

On the flip side is some blank Basic Grey ledger paper that I’m going to journal on (didn’t get to that before I took these photos!)


sunset/metta page
sunset/metta page

You can see on the left side of the photo the back side of the “Saturday Afternoon” page- I left the washi edges as a border for the journaling.

Facing that is another page that has one of the monoprints in it. I also collaged receipts and bits of mail and labels and strips of tape with it, and then went over it with a wash of water and white acrylic paint, and then used watercolor crayons and ink on top.

After that all dried, I glued a photo of the sunset over it and used letter stickers (and writing, which you cannot see in the photo) to write out a Metta (loving-kindness) meditation I learned recently.

The Metta is basically a set of phrases that you repeat, either our loud or in your mind, while you focus on someone/something. It’s very much like a prayer of well-being. I *really* like doing it, even more so than mindfulness meditation. It comes more easily to me, maybe because I was raised Catholic and there was quite a bit of praying for other people.

The Metta that I repeat in mind is:

May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you be safe.
May you be peaceful and live with ease.

I changed it up a tiny bit so it would flow around the photo better.

The way I practice Metta is by focusing on individual members of my family – including the pets- and then repeating the Metta a few times for each of them. I also repeat it for friends and anyone else who pops into mind as I’m doing it. It’s amazing who or what pops into my mind as I’m doing Metta, but I go with it and send out love.

sunset/metta close-up
sunset/metta close-up

Just a close-up image of the page. I’m not crazy about the foam letters (I like the size but the font is a little too quirky for what I wanted it be) but instead of fussing over it, which I sort of WANT to do, I decided to just let it be. I know if I start peeling off the photo and the letters and layers, it will turn into something I rip out and start over. One of my goals with the art journal was to LET IT BE and not obsess over things so I basically turned the page and started the next set.

One last thing:

sunflower at Naples Botanical Garden
sunflower at Naples Botanical Garden

If you are interested, I’m blogging over at Sprout today. I’ve decided to join The Great Sunflower Project and will be starting a little sunflower garden as part of it.

Thank you, as always, for looking! I hope you have a great weekend.<3

7 thoughts on “art journal pages – early february

  1. I love this. The wording around the photos is a great idea. I also love the stripe page and your list of what you did…like a scrapbook and journal combined- what I call a scrap journal. Glad I took a peak and checked these out-now I am inspired to go create.

  2. Hi Chel, glad you are all feeling better. Your “at home” page is lovely-looks like a beautiful home and surrounding. The impact of your washi tape and list page is wonderful!! I’d not heard of a Metta before but as I do some light meditation I’m going to research it. Your sunflower is a gorgeous ending to your post!

  3. Wow! I LOve the way you journal! This is exactly the way i want to keep my Journals! Thank you for being my inspiration of the day! A bit of art Journaling mixed with scrapbooking! :]

  4. I’m really loving the washi tape page. Would you believe I still don’t own a roll?! I have a list that’s getting longer. I’m going to hit Archivers soon to get some stencils and spray inks. They must have washi tape too.

    I love the idea of the Metta. It’s such a nice way to hold others in your thoughts. I love that!

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