… just, no.

We watched The Lego Batman Movie last night.

This part had me rolling on the floor- this is pretty much what goes on inside my head whenever I don’t want to do anything.

Or when I have to do anything that involves a lot of interaction with people.

Or when I have to sit in waiting rooms at doctor’s offices.

Or when it’s time to get up in the morning and I’ve slept less than five hours.

Or when it’s time to put away laundry.

Or when I have to leave the house before I swim.

Or when I have to wait in the car while someone runs into the grocery store.

Or when I have to call and schedule and appointment for anything.


(You get the picture…)

There’s also this brilliance from Billy on the Street:


(I wrote this entry about kindness and compassion and it disappeared when I tried to preview it, so I felt this was an apt replacement. Hope you are having a good week.)