and, so what now?

(I apologize if this got posted twice, something up with my feeds…) Back at the beginning of the year, I decided my thing for 2018 was going to be wellness and health and getting myself back on track. My intention was to shrug off the low mood with time and self-care. I thought that maybe… Read More and, so what now?

cancer and a hurricane

(As I write this, Tropical Storm Gordon is rolling over our area- yay, Florida!) Okay, so one year ago-  cancer and a hurricane. All in the same week! Good times. As far as Tom’s cancer… you think when you get that kind of news it kind of knocks you over, and it does, but you’re… Read More cancer and a hurricane

recent history

(Kind of a part two of the post on depression I wrote a few days ago…) I was kind of wondering when, exactly, this whole long-term depression thing started. Because I was fine-ish, and then I wasn’t. I have been doing a TON of research on depression and all the different aspects of it, as… Read More recent history

decks dark

Hi. How are you? Long time, no talk. [I’m not going to proofread and edit this, so I apologize in advance for any disjointedness.] The last time I posted I talked a little bit about “enduring” vs. growing, living, thriving, etc. And about how “wellness” was my word/idea for 2018- how I was going to… Read More decks dark

holiday thoughts 2017

Note: I write one of these every year, usually in my art journal or my scrapbook, so that when the following year rolls around, I can look back on the previous holidays and make small adjustments and edit my expectations and ideas a bit. This year I’m doing more of my documenting here on my… Read More holiday thoughts 2017


PT, our little parrotlet, passed away today. In the middle of the night, he seemed to be in a bit of distress- Tom was going to rush him up to the emergency vet, but after a few minutes, PT settled back in and fell asleep. We made the incredibly difficult decision to say goodbye this… Read More PT


PT, one of our little pet parrotlets (birds), is very ill. We have two parrotlets- PT and Herbie. We adopted them in 2004. Herbie was about two or three, and PT was about one. They were a bonded pair, and very very shy (not the kind of birds who crawl all over you and want… Read More argh

non-attachment/quasi-minimalism (aka getting rid of most of our stuff) part one

While we were packing for Hurricane Irma I had an “a-ha” moment about attachment and about the things that we owned. Before the storm we were warned that the island might go underwater, so we should pack anything that was important. Whatever we didn’t bring and wanted to save, we should wrap up well and… Read More non-attachment/quasi-minimalism (aka getting rid of most of our stuff) part one